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LAHOREAL’S culture thrives on its values of integrity, passion, creativity, and teamwork. Together, these values create an environment that cultivates career growth for high-potential individuals. This challenging and dynamic culture makes Lahoreal one of the most sought-after employers in the industry.

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Lahoreal is  providing an Equal Opportunity Employer that is committed to promoting deserving talents. Likewise, we affirmatively recruit minorities, women, and individuals with disabilities, and offer employment and advancement opportunities for them.

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Lahoreal always looking for energetic and motivated individuals having a strong desire to excel in their professional career and those who harbor a passion to embrace challenges.

Why should you join US?

Our mission is to help you find your dream job, and we constantly strive to do that. Our uniqueness is a combination of the following features:


The opportunity to grow and move into new roles


A well-being program for employees


Employee friendly policies while keeping the employee's best interests in mind


An annual celebration


Efforts to contribute to the well-being of society


We encourage our employees to contribute and share their ideas.



Currently, there are no open jobs at Lahoreal Please submit your resume at for any relevant post opens.


Which investment is better residential or commercial ?

Commercial investment is definitely more profitable in terms of value and rental income than residential investment. Personal investments are for individual living and commercial investments are for business or earnings.

Tip: Before investing, first decide on the following:

Are you going to use this investment for both (residential and commercial) purposes?
The population density of the commercial investment area
Residential amenities/facilities available in the society

Which investment is better cash payment or installment package?

I don’t have a one-line answer to this question. No one else can offer an answer to this question. The individual can answer himself/herself regarding this question considering the following factors:

  • Is your decision purely based on investment purposes to get a return?
  • Is this property going to be used for your personal residence or business purposes?
  • How many years after do you need to construct your new home or building?
  • Is it easy for you to pay installments on time when they are due?
  • Would you be willing to wait until the project is completed and possession is gained?

TIPS: Don’t book a plot or home if you can’t mature it or can’t wait till possession is granted.

Investment is risky and may result in a loss for pre-mature selling (builders or agents/dealers are the winners, and the loser is the investor).

How to verify a society?

The next step is “How to verify a Society” after selecting your preferred area of the City.

The followings have to be considered before investing/buying a plot/home / commercial in a society:

  • Is the Housing Society registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) or the Cooperative Department?
  • Does Society land appear in the Revenue Records under the Society’s name?
  • Did the Housing Society receive a valid NOC from the local development authority (LDA / CDA / GDA / MDA / FDA) as per the approved map?
  • What arrangements has the Housing Society made for development work such as Sewerage, Water, Gas, etc. on-site?
  • Pre-launch bookings are not recommended. Please wait for the official booking to be announced in major newspapers with the confirmed location, booking schedule, payment schedule, and tentative possession date (year of possession).
  • It is important to observe the newspapers warnings ads from local authorities. These local authorities usually list approved housing schemes, as well as unapproved housing schemes. It is also advisable to visit local authority offices and verify details about the project before investing.
  • Several marketing companies, affiliates, and agents may highlight a particular project for their interest.
What is short term & long term investment?

People often wonder whether or not their investment is a long-term one.” Most perceive an investment that will pay off very quickly as a short-term investment whereas an investment that will pay off slowly is viewed as a long-term investment. Whereas there is no relationship to gain for one investment to be classified as short-term or long-term.

Investing time frame can be defined by its delivery period rather than its gain. An investment that needs to be delivered in the next one or two years is considered short-term, while an investment that needs to be delivered in the next two years or more is considered a mid-term or long-term investment, depending on the time frame.

An investment’s price can rise for several reasons, so its primary metric for measuring its timeframe should be its delivery. Second, we need to evaluate the pace of occupancy, we need to know how long it will take to occupy a building located at a distant location and provided by the developer/builder/authority in a short time or mid-time. It is also very important to understand how the vacancy rate impacts pricing. If the occupancy rate rises quickly, pricing will rise faster while if occupancy declines gradually, prices may drop. It depends on the project and the situation.

Always ask your agent how long the project will take to complete, or contact the Builder, Developer, or Authority.

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